Proper Etiquette


1. Be on Time

Our staff puts a lot of time and energy into creating a motivating and inspirational atmosphere. Please get clipped into the bike before class starts so that this vibe is not sacrificed. If you need to leave class early, please let us know, reserve a bike close to the exit and for your own safety cool down before you head out.

2. Be Present

Leave your phone outside the studio and give yourself 45 mins to let go and have fun! Distractions will not only affect you, but also your neighbors and instructor.

3. Good Vibes

Leave all negativity at the door, while we ride, we ride as a team. Be responsible for the positive vibes you bring into the studio!

4. Try your best

Don’t pretend to turn the resistance. Do it or don't—what’s the point of pretending, you are only cheating yourself. If the workout is too difficult, you are in control of your intensity 100%, can always back off.

5. Respect The Pack

Please respect the space and time of the riders on your left and right. If you have your own agenda planned for class, then please do not sit in the front and center. Also, treat the front desk team as you would like them to treat you.

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Never indoor cycled problem. Come try a ride with Roots Cycle that is sure to not only inspire you but burn tons of calories. This class will introduce the mechanics of the bike incorporating the console assigned to your bike. This console will help control your ride referring to gear resistance, RPMs and power. With the energy of the music and the other riders around you, you will be sure to make cycling part of your lifestyle.


Roots Rhythm is an indoor cycling class providing a unique cardio workout inspired by the beat of the music. This ride will be challenging, fun, and a true experience for your mind, body, and soul. This class is for all levels from beginner to experienced riders looking for a guaranteed good time! 


Take full advantage of your Lunch Break or get out of the house for this 30-minute midday ride guaranteed to leave you energized for the rest of the day. We'll pedal through hills, hit some sprints, and of course work that upper body during our arm series.

Check in begins at 12pm. Showers & spa amenities are provided in our spacious locker rooms below the studio.

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