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Roots 101
  • For First Time Riders: The Basics
    If it is your first time at the studio, please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins so that our front desk staff can give you a quick tour of our studio, help get you checked into class, and into a pair of cycle shoes. You will be introduced to your instructor before class begins. As we ride, the studio is lit only by Himalayan salt lamps, black lights and colored instructor spot lights. Expect your first class to be challenging, but rewarding. No need to worry about keeping up your first few rides. You are in control of your ride intensity 100% of the time. ​ We recommend that all new riders sit in the second row so that you can get a feel for our class structure, choreography and intensity. Soon you will learn how to maximize your experience in class, climb higher, sprint faster, and expand your Roots! ​ For new riders, we offer your first ride FREE so that you can take our studio for a test ride. Cycling shoes are included. So if you need a pair of shoes, be sure you have requested them in your reservation as they will be ready for you upon arrival to class.
  • How do I book my ride?
    Click on "Sign Up Now" button at the top of this page, which will bring you to the Packages Page. You must purchase a package before reserving a ride or booking a bike. Select the package you wish to purchase, which will automatically make you log in or create a new account; if you have a MINDBODY account with the Roots Aquatics and Fitness Center, use your current username and password to log in. Your account page will then show up where you will be able to add in your information, including your shoe size, weight, height and more. This account page is where you’ll easily be able to buy rides and book your classes from your mobile device or computer in the future. At the top of your account page select "Book A Ride" to reserve your ride and bike. If you need any help or have any questions about making an account email us at
  • How to access my Roots Cycle Account?
    1. Go to 2. On the menu bar click on "My Account" 2. Use your email and password to log in; use "forgot password" to rest your acount password. This account page is where you will see your ride history, packages purchases, update your personal information and more. If you are having trouble with your account please give us a call 413-562-7433
  • What is the late policy?
    If you are not in the studio 4 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, it is considered a no-show and we reserve the right to assign your spot to another person on the wait-list. For everyone’s safety, no riders may join a class 5 minutes after class has begun. Please be on time and be respectful of the class mood set by the instructor.
  • What is the wait-list policy?
    4 minutes prior to the start of class time, we give present riders on the wait-list priority and we let them into class. This allows present riders to get clipped into the bike just in time for class to begin.
  • What is the cancellation/ no-show policy?
    We require a 6-hour notice before class begins to make any kind of changes to your schedule without being charged. Riders who cancel after this 6-hour window or do not show up for a scheduled class will be charged for class. If you are on an Unlimited Package and you do not cancel/reschedule a class within the 6-hour time frame or simply do not show up, we will charge you the $15 class rate. If you are on a Class Package (Member or Non-Member), a class credit will be deducted from your package.
  • Are cell phones allowed in the studio?
    No cell phones allowed in the cycling studio. Give yourself 45 mins to let go and have fun! Distractions will not only affect you, but also your neighbors and instructor. *Exceptions apply for those professionals on call.
  • What shoes should I wear to class?
    We require clip-in shoes at our studio. Our Schwinn bikes are designed to be clipped into, all bikes are compatible with SPD® cleats and LOOK® Delta cleats cycle shoes. No Shoes? No Problem! We have custom shoes on us. Just remember to update your shoe size on your account. If you have your own cycling shoes with clips, feel free to bring them! ​ You will love clipping into the pedals, the secure position and push motion ensures the most complete pedal strokes, a more efficient ride and a fuller use of your legs. What does this mean for our rides? More calories burned, muscles tones, powerful pedal strokes and an intensified overall experience!
  • Is water available at the studio?
    Be sure to bring a full bottle of water for your ride. If you need to fill up, we have free filtered water for you in the lobby or you can purchase a bottle of water for $2.00. Make sure you keep hydrated before and after each class. Sweating is guaranteed!
  • What should I wear to class?
    Wear clothing that you are ready to sweat in because we will work up some serious heat! Your favorite tight-fitting exercise attire is best. It is possible to get caught in the pedals so avoid all loose fitting pants.
  • Where can I store my belongings?
    We have cubbies in the hall that you’ll be able to keep your things in and adult locker rooms located on the ground level. We do suggest that you don't bring any valuables with you to class.

Proper Etiquette

Proper Etiquette

1. Be on Time

Our staff puts a lot of time and energy into creating a motivating and inspirational atmosphere. Please get clipped into the bike before class starts so that this vibe is not sacrificed. If you need to leave class early, please let us know, reserve a bike close to the exit and for your own safety cool down before you head out.

2. Be Present

Leave your phone outside the studio and give yourself 45 mins to let go and have fun! Distractions will not only affect you, but also your neighbors and instructor.

3. Good Vibes

Leave all negativity at the door, while we ride, we ride as a team. Be responsible for the positive vibes you bring into the studio!

4. Try your best

Don’t pretend to turn the resistance. Do it or don't—what’s the point of pretending, you are only cheating yourself. If the workout is too difficult, you are in control of your intensity 100%, can always back off.

5. Respect The Pack

Please respect the space and time of the riders on your left and right. If you have your own agenda planned for class, then please do not sit in the front and center. Also, treat the front desk team as you would like them to treat you.

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Roots Rhythm is an indoor cycling class providing a unique cardio workout inspired by the beat of the music. This ride will be challenging, fun, and a true experience for your mind, body, and soul. This class is for all levels from beginner to experienced riders looking for a guaranteed good time! 

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